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Series 1: Children’s Human Rights and Peace Series
Series 2 : Children Advocating For Children Series
Series 3: Peace Education Series

Author of Series 1, 2 and 3:   Sonja Grover, Ph.D. 


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We supply all our books on a non - profit basis to NGOs and Children's Charity Organizations that promote children's human rights and advocacy. For more information please contact us at the following address:

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Number Title/Topic/ISBN Price (CAN $)
Book 1-1 Angeline Speaks at the United  Nations 
(Topic: The United Nations Convention on the

Rights of the Child)
ISBN 0-9737844-0-7
$ 19.99
Book 1-2 The Princess Who Was Also a Queen And How Kindness Can  Make You a Real ‘Your Highness’
(Topic: The Child’s Right to Equality and Freedom From Social Class Discrimination)
ISBN 0-9737844-1-5
$ 19.99
Book 1-3 Angeline, The Littlest Lawyer There’s Ever Been
(Topic: The Child’s Right to Justice, Truth, and Fair Hearings)
ISBN 0-9737844-2-3
$ 19.99
Book 1-4  The Little Professor Angeline
(Topic: The Child’s Right to Accurate Information)
ISBN 0-9737844-3-1
$ 19.99
Book 1-5 Angeline Travels to Opposite Land
(Topic: The Child’s Right to Friendship and the Company of Others)
ISBN 0-9737844-6-6
$ 21.99 
Book 1-6 Angeline and Santa Claus Team Up For a Good Cause
(Topic: The Child’s Right to Be Nurtured Mentally and Physically)
ISBN 0-9737844-5-8
$ 19.99
Book 1-7 Angeline Wishes the Snowman She Made Could Have With Her Much Longer Stayed                    
(Topic: The Child’s Right to Play and Leisure)
ISBN 0-9737844-4-X
$ 19.99
Book 1-8 How Lovely Cinderella and Those Other Gals Are as Great as Prince Charming and His Pals
(Topic: The Equal Rights of Boys and Girls)
ISBN 0-9737844-7-4
$ 21.99 
Book 1-9 Angeline Has Her Own Opinion About Orders and Self-Dominion
(Topic: The Right of the Child to Express His or Her Views and Have Those Views Considered)
ISBN 0-9737844-8-2
$ 19.99
Book 1-10 Angeline Has Something to Say So Please To Her Attention Pay (Topic: The Child’s Right to Freedom of Expression and the Right to be Heard)
ISBN 0-9737844-9-0
$ 19.99
Book 1-11 Angeline Knows Having the Courage to Begin Is Already the Most Important Win
(Topic: The Child’s Right to Education)
ISBN 0-9738094-0-X
$ 19.99
Book 1-12 Angeline and Her Pal Celebrate Their Equality Though They Each of a Different Colour Be
(Topic: The Right of Every Child to Respect for Their Human Dignity and to be Protected From Discrimination)
ISBN 0-9738094-1-8
$ 19.99
Book 1-13 About Good Manners Angeline Has This To Say 
(Topic: The Child’s Right to Caretaker Guidance and Direction that is Developmentally Appropriate)
ISBN 0-9738094-2-6
$ 19.99
Book 1-14 Angeline and Her Dog Ted Save Kitty From What She Did Dread
(Topic: The Child’s Right to be Protected From Harm)
ISBN  0-9738094-3-4
$ 19.99
Book 1-15 Angeline Says Bubbles Are a Gift to You And Grown-Ups Should Enjoy Them Too
(Topic: The Child’s Right to Play and Leisure)
ISBN 0-9738094-5-0
$ 19.99
Book 1-16 Angeline’s Questions, They Were Not Few And Here They Are For You Too
(Topic: The Young Child’s Right to Freedom of Thought, Information, and Parental Direction)
ISBN 0-9738094-6-9
$ 19.99
Book 1-17 How Do They Do That Without Falling Flat?                 
(Topic: The Child’s Right to Develop Fully Their Physical Abilities and The Right to Recreational Activities Appropriate to Their Age)
ISBN 0-9738094-4-2
$ 21.99 
Book 1-18 Angeline Doesn’t Care How Well You’re Dressed As Long as You Pass Her Kindness Test
(Topic: The Child’s Right to Equal Opportunity and Freedom From Social Class Discrimination)
ISBN 0-9738094-7-7
$ 19.99
Book 1-19 Angeline Explored This Sunny Day And ’ Bout Her Adventure Had This to Say
(Topic: Children’s Right to the Care and Protection of Their Parent(s) or Legal Guardian(s))
ISBN 0-9738094-8-5
$ 19.99
Book 1-20 Angeline’s Learning to Write But Hasn’t The Art Mastered Quite
(Topic: The Child’s Right to Education and Literacy)
ISBN 0-9738094-9-3
$ 19.99
Complete Set of Books in Series 1

A Set of 20 Angeline Books in Series 1

(Topic: Children's Human Rights and Peace Series)


$ 299.80
Book 2-1

Please Take Note of Children’s Right to Vote
Children's Right to Vote as a Participation Right)
ISBN 0-9738312-0-0

$ 19.99
Book 2-2

The Time is Long Overdue That Youth Have the Right to Vote Too

(Topic: The Youth Struggle for the Right to Vote)

ISBN 0-9738312-4-3

$ 19.99
Book 2-3

Angeline Speaks at the United Nations on Youth Voting Rights

(Topic: The Need for Recognition by the United Nations of Youth Voting Rights)

ISBN 0-9738312-5-1

$ 19.99
Book 3-1

Children Are the Way to Peace
(Topic: Children's Right to Peace)
ISBN 0-9738312-1-9

$ 19.99
Book 3-2

The Children of the World Make a Plea

That Our Leaders Let Peace Forever Be

(Topic: A Plea For Peace to the Members of the United Nations Security Council)

ISBN 0-9738312-2-7

$ 19.99
Book 3-3

We Children Are For Peace Not War

In Every Land From Shore to Shore

(Topic: The Children's Movement For Peace)

ISBN 0-9738312-3-5

$ 19.99

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